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Park of Castle of Trémilly, Trémilly

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The site of Trémilly, located on one of the roads leading to Compostela, seems to have been occupied since the most remote times. At the origin of the castle, there was a medieval fortress of which there are still vaulted rooms in the basement. From the Renaissance period remain several remarkable monuments scattered throughout the park: postern, porticoes, wells.
The famous Amyot, Bishop of Auxerre and tutor of the children of King Henry II, took refuge there in 1557 to escape the wrath of the Queen Mother, Catherine de Medici and translated the latest biographies of the work of Plutarch: “Life of Illustrious Men”.
At the beginning of the Wars of Religion, around 1540, the Château de Trémilly served as a refuge for the “Reformed” and was twice besieged by the supporters of the League and finally destroyed.

The present castle was built at the beginning of the 18th century to the plans of Jean-Baptiste Bouchardon, architect and renovator of many buildings and churches in the region, and father of the famous sculptor Edmé Bouchardon. It is built on the site of the old fortress whose dry moat he has preserved. It has a main facade of about forty meters, composed of a central part with seven bays and two lateral avant-corps.


The parklands surrounding the castle are made up of lawns to the east and north of the castle, cut by avenues planted with lime and chestnut trees, and to the south of a wood criss-crossed with bridle paths. It is entirely enclosed by walls. To the west, beyond the moat, a monumental stairway leads to what was once a French garden with an orangery. The outbuildings, the Renaissance well, and the monumental gates opening onto the driveways of the park are all part of the ensemble, making it a high quality site.

The castle is listed in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments and the entire site has been the subject of a protection order.

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    The park is open to visitors from July 1 to September 30, from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.


    2 € per person.
    4 € for groups
    Free for garden days


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